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    Tumblr BANS Words love “Anime Girl” To drop In Line With Apple’s Safety Standards

    Tumblr BANS Words Like “Anime Girl” To Fall In Line With Apple’s Safety Standards

    Apple’s app store has been getting stricter over the years, like many other comparable platforms. Particularly with certain types of content like sex, or anything with a lewd nature, etc.
    In recent times Apple has made its app even stricter, to the point of making Tumblr bend the knee and self censor many words on its platform.
    This censorship is to prevent people from posting this type of content, or searching for it, or promoting it, which goes against Apple’s TOS in the app store.

    Banning words like “anime girl”

    Along with a host of other strange words like:
    Anti Native Racism.
    Baby Boy.
    Baby Girl.
    And tons of others, anime girl in particular is a word that’s been censored by Tumblr to appease the Apple Gods and the app store they oversee.
    According to Mashable:
    “We were scrambling to not be taken down from the App Store with a very short deadline days before Christmas.”
    They continue:
    “There are no similar restrictions on Android, mobile web, or desktop web, and we encourage anyone negatively impacted by this pointless, arbitrary, and hopefully temporary restriction to use one of those platforms in the meantime, or turn off the ‘Hide Sensitive Content’ toggle using a web browser.”

    Anime fans on tumblr not happy

    It’s not a new thing with Tumblr though. In 2018 they did the same thing when it came to porn. They were kicked off the app store, forcing them to self censor once again.
    They were then criticized for their lack of support for sex workers and the like.
    For those who still use Tumblr, it’s clear they depend on the Apple App store enough to force them into submission and self censorship.

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