‘RHOSLC’: Lisa Barlow Shades Jen Shah For ‘Going To Jail’ During Surprise Phone Call

‘RHOSLC’: Lisa Barlow Shades Jen Shah For ‘Going To Jail’ During Surprise Phone Call
Jan 2023

Meredith Marks told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion would be "surprising", and she wasn't joking. We went into the hour-long episode fully aware that prison-bound Jen Shah wouldn't be physically present, but we had no idea that she'd make a slight cameo during a phone call with Meredith. The unexpected moment came after Andy Cohen asked Lisa Barlow why she accused Meredith of "popping pills" earlier this season.
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During a scene in San Diego, Lisa said, "No, I don't pop pills, bitch. You do...", while referring to Meredith. Lisa explained that while the group was in Zion, Jen told her that Meredith was "on something with Heather [Gay]." She went on to say, "Jen had told me that they popped some pills ... she told me that [they] were [doing] ketamine or something, and that's why I said. Maybe it's a bitchy thing to say, but that's what I was told."
Andy said it was more than just a "bitchy thing to say" -- he said it was a strong accusation, and Meredith agreed. But Lisa clapped back, saying, "If you have a problem, call Jen right now and [ask] her, 'Hey, why did you say that?' because she for sure did." So that's exactly what Meredith did -- we just don't think Lisa expected her to do it.
While Meredith started dialing Jen's number, Whitney Rose told the group that Jen previously said the same thing to her. And then, after Jen picked up, Lisa told her to tell everyone how she said Meredith and Heather were doing "ketamine and shrooms", but Jen said, "No. I [didn't]. That's a lie."
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"No it isn't!" Lisa yelled, before adding, "Well, you don't tell the truth all the time, so I wouldn't expect you to now."
"I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth," Whitney added, before Lisa kept going: "Yeah -- do you even believe this, [Meredith]? You believe [her] over me? I'm not going to jail."
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Andy gasped at Lisa's diss, but Jen also said the claim "wasn't accurate", so there wasn't a lot more to say. Lisa, however, said, "It's not inaccurate. She said it."
Meredith went on to say that she's heard from other people that Lisa's been telling others about the pill popping claim, and Jen's name's never been mentioned. Lisa denied doing such a thing and demanded Meredith provide names, but because they're "not in the cast", Meredith refused. That obviously angered Lisa, so she yelled, "It's funny that you'll believe someone going to prison for lying over me ... I am not wrong!"
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